2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Brings Security and Convenience to Calgary, AB

Organization and safety are two very important aspects of owning any Alfa Romeo vehicle. With the 2020 Giulia, you can opt for the Security and Convenience Pack that adds a few extra features that will make your life on the roads of Canada easier.

First in the group is the new alarm system. This premium function is the perfect anti-theft device. Created by Thatcham, it will assist law enforcement with locating the car if it ever gets stolen, thanks to the integrated tracking mechanism.

The other part of this package has more to do with storage. As a luxury sedan, the Giulia offers 368 litres (13 cubic feet) of space in the trunk. To help you arrange the cargo in an orderly fashion, several handy pieces have been included. You can hang grocery bags on the hooks and fasten other items down with the tie loops. There is also a net to prevent loose objects from rolling freely around. Whether you are buying supplies for your next barbecue or splurging on a shopping spree, you can assemble the goods however you see fit.

Want to take a look for yourself? Get in touch with Alfa Romeo of Calgary to experience the new Giulia in person.