2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Delivers Efficiency To Calgary, Alberta

The sport market rarely proves efficient – with Canadian drivers having to compromise economy for performance. With the release of the 2020 4C Spider, however, Alfa Romeo redefines expectations, offering a turbocharged ride that can impress on the highway and at the pump.

It can also dominate its BMW competitor.

Anchored by a 1750 inline-four engine, the new 4C Spider delivers an efficient experience to drivers – earning up to 9.7 L/100km in the city and 6.9 L/100km on the highway. Direct-injection technology bolsters performance, optimizing fuel consumption in response to changing power-band demands; while the six-speed automatic transmission affords twin-clutch precision, creating a more fluid ride. The aerodynamic body (which extends 3,989-mm in length) further enhances economy, helping to reduce costly drag and improve overall friction ratios.

This enables a superior fuel experience in Canada – particularly when compared to the 2020 BMW Z4. This roadster earns only 7.3 L/100km on the highway, compromising how long drivers can go between station stops.

Curious about the 2020 4C Spider and its fuel-saving technologies? Contact Alfa Romeo of Calgary to learn more.